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The Story Behind The Book

Hey Everyone!

I thought I'd tell you a little about why I wrote 'God: Naked At Last.' There are many reasons and there is a lot in the book, but here is a snippet! It started when I began studying theology a few years ago, going deeper into Christianity, and exploring why Christians do and believe a lot of the things they do - and whether they need to or not.

At the same time a lady who loved coming to our church and was friends with many people in that church, got divorced and met another man. They had a strong relationship and moved in together. At the next church meeting this situation was discussed, and it was decided that because they were not married, this lady should be asked to leave the church. She was not welcome any longer because her relationship was not deemed right for a Christian.

Years later we moved to Devon, and I was again in church, hearing yet another sermon that I can only remember for one reason. It was preached from the pulpit that it was wrong to be homosexual, and that those in a relationship with a person of the same sex would not be welcome in that church.

This made me quite angry. I knew from my studies and from my experiences that God would not exclude someone because of their relationship and life choices. I was convinced these churches were wrong, and I was horrified that someone would be excluded from their friendship network and chosen way of expressing their faith because of this. I also felt that other people's relationship and life choices were none of the churches' business; if there was anything that was questionable in a persons life that would be between them and God and the church had no place to question it. I was convinced that where the church did not welcome people, God would. So I thought I'd explore more.

And that was because I knew there are thousands of people who would love to know God, would love to experience all the wonders of knowing God, but they are either not welcome in church or they they simply don't like the church environment.

And I also knew that church is not the only gateway to God - that we can find and experience God without it. In fact many Christians find their faith stifled by their churches, and are starting to question some of the things we do and believe for themselves. And so I wanted to write so that those of us who want God but don't want church or religion, can find God and express that discovery however we wish to.

People who don't want religion want God Naked At Last.

(I have to put a little comment in for those wonderful churches that do welcome anyone and everyone - there are some fantastic churches out there - they do exist - but they are rare, and many simply cannot access them...)

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