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Discover Yourself...

A key part of the many models and definitions of well-being is the spiritual side to our being. Research has found that faith is good for us; those who have a faith are surprisingly more healthy than those who do not, both mentally and physically. This does not mean being religious, and it can mean different things for different people. It's not the 'Ticking the religious boxes' type of faith, not the attending church and saying all the right words in the right places kind of faith. No, the faith that makes a real difference to our health and well-being is that deep, inner, soul, mind spirit closeness to this God-figure. That deep inner experience of God. Everyone finds this in different places, and expresses it in different ways.

If we ignore this aspect of our being because we do not like church or religion, it can have a negative effect on our well-being. Yet some of us reject the idea of God because we don't like church or religion, when in fact church and religion are only one route by which to experience God. You can find God anywhere, and express that discovery in any way you choose. And what we find may surprise us a little!

Part of our well-being is discovering for ourselves what our spiritual preferences and beliefs are, so exploring what we might truly believe and how we prefer to express that means giving ourselves a little TLC. Discovering our spiritual aspect and discovering what that part of us wants to look like can nurture us, help us get to know ourselves a little better, give us a little bit of hope and the strength to not only endure our trials, but to live and thrive. Let's go find ourselves again!

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