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Better Than Bonking!

I'm a runner. I just love getting out with my club or alone into the hills, that feeling of freedom and excitement just keeping you going mile after mile! It is totally exhilarating... and addictive!!

If I was in the USA or Australia and I did what sometimes happens, I 'Hit the wall,' reaching that point where you have used all your free energy and your reserves and you have nothing left - I would be 'Bonking.' Bonking is the term used for that point of total exhaustion. If you get your energy replacement right you don't reach that point. It's all in the science of running.

I just emailed an energy gel company and said they could make a fortune if they produced a range of energy gels and bars called, 'Better Than Bonking.'

The name obviously applies to the use of their gels being better than hitting that proverbial wall, but some runners may agree that running fast and free while consuming those delicious treats may be absolutely better than bonking - using the British English!

I'll soon tell my story of the time when someone prayed for me and something incredible happened. That was the first true, real, all-consuming flipping amazing experience of God that I had. And yes, it was better than bonking, not that as a grotty 18 year old i'd had much experience. Anyway, soon i'll tell you what happened, and how at that point I knew without a doubt that God existed, and that truly experiencing God was flipping awesome and everyone should have this because it is totally incredible and life-changing. An experience beyond your wildest dreams.

It's there for the taking. Everyone is invited to have a share of the pie. And yes, it is better than bonking :)

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