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Be Brave Enough To Dream, This Year!

This is the time of year for dreaming. Dreaming about all the things we would love to do this coming year, things we want to achieve, new goals we would love to hit. And some of those dreams become plans. And some of those plans become resolutions.

We are told that many New Year resolutions are made and quickly broken, and often we are ridiculed for making them. New Year resolutions have become synonymous with failure; those who decide this is the year we will get fit and healthy, loose weight and maybe even run that race, do that degree or get that job, often meet raised eyebrows and a look of 'I told you so,' from those who are not brave enough to dream.

You're never too old to dream. You're never too big, small, old, young, unfit, unclever or even too menopausal to dream. From the school failure who wants that degree to the bed-ridden person afflicted with illness who just wants to walk again, our dreams are our own. No one can take our deepest desires away. Even if our bodies fail us, our minds can run wild.

Dreams inspire our resolutions. And sometimes, just sometimes, we see our resolutions through to the end. Sometimes, our dreams come true.

Dreams are at the heart of success. As we begin to dream, and as we begin to see ways of turning those dreams to reality, those dreams change. As we begin to explore our deepest desires, our dreams evolve. As we take that first brave step of making that dream a reality, those dreams spark off into different directions and get bigger and better. They evolve into something greater than we ever thought possible.

Things that begin as tiny, insignificant molecules, evolve to become our greatest achievements. And the key to the beginning of that evolution? Dreaming. So let yourself dream big this New Year. The greatest achievements ever reached began as a seemingly insignificant dream. Your dreams, are the beginning of your future success.

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