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Many people don’t want church or religion, but they do want God.
The evolution of Church, Christianity and religion over the last two thousand years has built obstacles that can obscure God. We are going to attempt to see if we can strip God of this unnecessary religious baggage and reveal what God is truly like, and what being close to God can be like. Millions worldwide have experienced awe-inspiring, incredible life-changing experiences of this God-being, yet many are tired of the religion which seems often to hinder those experiences. God might even be tired of being defined by Church, religion and Christianity, fed up with the religion the church has established, when religion is not what was needed.
We will go on a journey of stripping God of two thousand years of Christian, church and religious history, and see what is left. As we do, we may find that our religious structures, beliefs and practices crumble, leaving behind only God, face to face.
We’re going to try and find God again.

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