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God: Naked At Last

Removing The Rubble Of Religion And Finding God Again

A Journey To Find God Again

'I peeled away the rags of religion and there I discovered God; naked and awesome.
My heart, my soul, my life were changed forever.' 

The Stories Behind God: Naked At Last...

I am a nurse, but I began studying theology in 2007 at the London School of Theology. I now have a BA in Theology, an MA in Contextual Theology and a Post-Grad Diploma in Biblical Interpretation. Studying helped me to go deeper into why Christians do and believe the things they do - and whether they need to or not.

At the same time I realised there were several people I knew who were excluded from church because their lifestyles were deemed not good enough for Christianity, yet they expressed that they had a faith and wished to know God - but would never go to church - they simply weren't welcome. Others I met felt there was something 'Up there,' some God-being, but they certainly didn't want to go to church to find out more. Many others, including myself, found church simply boring, when we would rather be running in the hills and swimming in the seas, or lying in bed on a Sunday morning. 

Yet I knew millions of people have incredible, life changing experiences of God every day across the world that transform our lives and improve our mental and physical health - I believed this was what knowing God was about, not ticking the religious boxes and conforming to the image of the 'Perfect Christian.' Religion has portrayed an image of God that is unattractive and probably wrong; none of us truly understand who and what God is, nor what it takes to experience God for ourselves.

So, God: Naked At Last was born. It's been a journey of discovery. The heart of God: Naked At Last, is that we all find God for ourselves, and express that discovery in our own way, all obstacles gone. 

The journey continues as more of us explore God, faith and ourselves, and if you would like to come on board for that journey of discovery please do contact me. 


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